Thursday, May 10, 2012

Re-posting: Northern Ireland Marine Bill


The Northern Ireland Marine Task Force (NIMTF) is a coalition of eight environmental non-government organisations campaigning for new, integrated and comprehensive marine legislation for Northern Ireland through a Northern Ireland Marine Bill.

The Northern Ireland Marine Bill is currently being debated at Stormont. This crucial piece of legislation will determine how our seas are managed in the future. We are already years behind England, Scotland and Wales in protection for our seas. The NI Marine Bill will introduce powers for the creation of a new type of protected area, called Marine Conservation Zones. These are areas of the sea dedicated to the protection of species, habitats or features on the sea floor (like caves and reefs).

The Environment Committee are currently scrutinising the Marine Bill and this is the best time to tell our MLAs how important the Marine Bill is, in this quick and easy campaign action.

We have teamed up with NICVA – the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action to send a clear message to our MLAs that nature must be at the heart of new marine legislation.

What you can do

Follow the link  to NICVA and email your local MLAs. Ask them to support the creation of a NI network of Marine Conservation Zones with effective enforcement measures to protect and nurture the most important sites and species found in our waters.This action is really quick and easy to do with a pre-prepared template!

Go to the NIMTF website and vote ‘Yes’ for a Marine Bill with wildlife at its heart. Please note, that to ensure that the vote is fair and restricted to one person, one vote the poll will recognise your Internet Provider address. To make sure that your vote is properly registered please do it from your own home computer or any other internet accessible device that you may have. This poll has attracted supporters of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) (and the Countryside Alliance) who have been mobilised to vote “No” to the question posed.  We need to show that there are far more people supporting our call for a Marine Bill with nature at its heart than that. 

Why not ‘tweet’ your support – and in 140 characters, tell us what the sea means to you. Use the hash tag #theseameanstome to let us know your thoughts, memories, hopes and fears for the future of our seas.
Please circulate and advertise this as widely as you can.

Ricky Devlin
Marine Campaign Co-ordinator
Northern Ireland Marine Task Force (NIMTF)

For more information on NIMTF and to vote on the poll please CLICK HERE

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