Monday, June 04, 2012

Better than the movies

Already a Youtube hit, I came across this video today of a pretty amazing marriage proposal and it got me thinking...

First it got me thinking about love. Increasingly, I find, people no longer believe in love and I do think Hollywood and advertising has a lot to answer for that by creating super-hyped cookie-cutter versions of what love 'should be like' which we've accepted as the norm. But this video here...this is real life and Hollywood can't hold a candle to it.  So next time I hear someone say 'It only happens in the movies' I will challenge the notion.

Which then got me thinking, if a guy can propose to his girlfriend better than in the movies, what else can we do better than in the movies?  How about saving the day at the last minute? How about saving the planet from climate change? If one man can marshal 60+ of his friends and family (who, by the way, are all totally awesome) and choreograph a dance, skype people in from abroad, probably have to close down the street and create one of the best proposals ever, then what could 100, 1,000 or even 100,000+ people do to change the world? Let's not even think that big, what could one community do, one street, one apartment block do to make a difference? This guy didn't need much and look what he achieved. 

Cynics be silenced! Whether you think this video is too cheesy, whether you think my optimism too over-the-top, I rather that then where we're headed and I'm not just talking about climate change here. I think there is enough bad news, hatred, jealousy, paranoia, suspicion and apathy in world as it is. I want to know about the good news, I like seeing someone being happy, I want to wish someone the best with all my heart, I want what is good in the world to be celebrated not mocked, I want to know that when people get together and put their heart, soul and mind into something good can still come about. 

So who's with me? 

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