Saturday, June 02, 2012

Ingenuity makes the world go round

Nothing makes me more angry than when people say 'We've always done it like this'. Its that defeatist attitude that kills creativity, growth and the true possibility that we can fight climate change (or change any other aspect of our lives) and that our lives can be richer for it. Therefore can I please give an amazing shout-out to ingenious Puma and Fuse Project who have definitely thought outside the box (pun completely intended) and have reinvented the shoe box - less packaging, less emissions, reusable and all around good news and ingenious amazing.  So next time someone says 'We've always done it this way'...slap them across the face with some Puma packaging. 

The Puma shoe 'box' - stands up on its own and can be comfortably carried and re-used as a bag

The Puma shoe box - shoes still fit as normal but only the bare minimum is used to keep them in place

The Puma shoe box - the 'back' side

The Puma shoe box - that's all there is, the completely set nothing more or less!

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