Saturday, September 22, 2012

Make Haste not Waste

What do you do with something once its become obsolete, broken and cannot be fixed? Throw it away, right? Well...there's only so much landfill the earth can take and either way I don't think we've given our creative juices a good run for their money.  Why not be inspired and follow in the footsteps of some of these contemporary artists who are reclaiming waste as their palate.

Jeremy Mayer
Jeremy Mayer is fascinated by machines and as a child wanted to live inside one, failing that he's made a career and art work out of obsolete machines such as beautiful old typewriters. They are anatomically correct such as the deer below and some, such as his nude (not pictured but check out his website for loads more amazing works) took over 14,000 hours to make. 
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Kent Rogowski
You know how it goes, you're racking your brain trying to see where the puzzle piece fits only to discover that a crucial piece is missing, forever lost in the ether that is missing things and only to reemerge once you got rid of the puzzle. Well problem solved thanks to Kent Rogowski, who simply incorporates different puzzles to make surreal, striking and beautiful images. It works as long as the puzzles all come from the same brand and the result is not too displeasing. I'm definitely going to have to try one of these out for myself.
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Sascha Urban and Dorothea Wirwall
For those of us who like to claim we have a green finger, but somewhat struggle a bit, this is for us. A rethink of the wheelbarrow and chair - simply mush into one and hey presto you have a seat where ever you go!
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And if you want to do something to combat waste but aren't so arty-farty or don't have the time or the random puzzle pieces or typewriters then why not simply help WWF Scotland and sign their petition asking the Scottish Government be more ambitious on tackling waste by introducing policies to drastically cut the amount we throw out, for example by ending free single-use carrier bags, reducing packaging and bringing back nationwide deposit and return schemes.  Especially since Scotland failed to meet their first targets for the Climate Change Act (see articles listed below).

The WWF Scotland petition is in conjunction with Scottish Government public consultation and they are hoping to reach 500 signatures and are a tantalizingly 27 signatures short of their target, please take a minute to sign it and then share with friends and families and networks etc! The consultation closes next week so don't delay!

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