Friday, October 19, 2012

Re-posting: Greenpeace Tuna League

UPDATE: Changing Tuna: the progress so far

One year on from winning our tinned tuna campaign, it's time to report back. The campaign was hailed as 'one of the most successful environmental campaigns in years', so we wanted see how the brands and supermarkets are doing against their commitments to dump destructive Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs).

So far, so good. Sainsbury's, M&S and Waitrose continue their established sustainable sourcing policies. For the others, a gold star goes to class swots Co-op who have delivered on their promises early. Tesco are rising to the challenge of meeting the earliest deadline at the end of 2012, and Asda and Morrisons are making solid progress. The two big brands Princes and John West have the biggest journeys to make, as they sell the largest quantities, but rest assured we are in regular dialogue with the companies to ensure paper promises turn into change in the water.

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