Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tis a happy day

After three weeks filled with moving, cutting, sanding, re-glazing, plumbing, decorating, re-stocking and re-pricing, The New Leaf Co-op finally opened its doors to the public yesterday afternoon.


Now every shop shelf, counter and corner (even the bathroom! - you should check the great poem painted all over the wall, we might paint vegetables at some point too) has its stories of 3 weeks of hard work and learning.

So yes, we are excited! But mostly, we are grateful.

To those of you who physically helped with your hands and presence (without you we'd have taken three months to open instead of three weeks!) and to all of you who have encouraged us with your enthusiasm and good wishes.

We haven't had a grand opening because there's few things left to do in order to run as smoothly as we'd like to:

-Get coffee training
-Taking bulk herbs&spices to the shop floor
-Packing down all sorts of nuts
-Getting the peanut butter grinder ready

But we are OPEN indeed!

So you can:
-Refill all your cleaning products
-Buy organic tinned tomatoes for 65p!
-Have a tea or coffee to take away, or in our beautiful mugs while you have a nose around.
-Stock up on as many oats, pulses, grains, rice, dried fruit... as you'd like. Even cheaper if you bring your own container!

Edinburgh Wholefood Co-operative Limited
Industrial and Provident Society #2757RS
Facebook: facebook/TheNewLeafCo-op

Trading as "The New Leaf Co-op"

at 23 Argyle Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1JJ

untitled.m2t from The New Leaf Co-op on Vimeo.


  1. So glad you're going to be doing the refills on cleaning products! The shop is quite out of my way really but I used to go there regularly for my refills and will start doing that again! I'll probably grab a coffee while I'm at it too!

  2. I'm exactly the same although am equally excited about the prospect of shopping with my tupperware too! Happy days and thanks for the comment :)