Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Re-posting: Greenpeace

We’ve uncovered explosive evidence of a plot in the Conservative party to sabotage progress on climate change.

As you might have seen on the front page of this morning's Guardian, our undercover video investigation reveals how a faction of Tory MPs is going to extreme lengths to scupper our clean energy future. A senior Conservative reveals that George Osborne wants to undermine the Climate Change Act - one of the great victories of our movement that has created legally binding targets for the government to reduce emissions.

The ideological opposition to clean wind energy runs deep in Osborne and these other Tory MPs. So much so that one MP even secretly campaigned against his own party. Outrageous, I know. You have to watch it to believe it.

Over 20,000 people, have already told David Cameron to stop Osborne sabotaging progress on climate change - thank you!

Now watch the astonishing undercover video - BELOW

If these Conservatives have their way, we’ll have more dirty, expensive gas power stations written into the Energy Bill. The bill is crucial in shaping the way our electricity is generated for the next 30 years.

Osborne wants to hand the Energy Bill - and our future - to the gas companies, allowing them to build dozens of new gas power stations. This dash for gas could lead to decades of unrestricted carbon emissions and increasingly volatile household bills, plunging more people into fuel poverty.

We need the opposite.

A clean Energy Bill would mean almost zero carbon emissions from electricity generation by 2030, a new wave of clean energy and a thriving green economy with tens of thousands of new jobs.

A majority of us - 64% of the British public - want renewable energy powering our lives.

Osborne knows he’s in the minority, but our investigation shows he’s positioning climate sceptics and anti-wind MPs in key government roles - like pieces on a chessboard - to undermine the progress we’ve made.

But Osborne still answers to the prime minister.

It now falls to David Cameron to respond to the scandal we’ve uncovered and decide where his party - and our country - is going.

At the last election when looking for our votes, Cameron rebranded the Conservative party with the environment at its heart. This undercover investigation shows he has a fundamental question to answer: will he side with the majority of the British public, or the dirty energy faction led by George Osborne?


Pete & the energy team
To sign petition to ask David Cameron to stop George Osborne sabotaging progress on climate change please CLICK HERE.

How the general public and Conservative voters specifically view wind farms. YouGov Oct 19 2012

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