Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Guest Blog from Andy Myles

Here's a wee guest comment from my friend Andy Myles, an environmentalist and great and deep thinker: 
I know that renewable energy supplies can be produced from the light, wind and waves that surround each and everyone of us on this planet - a gift of the great nuclear reactors in the sky! And as we learn to harness this energy source, I want it to be by using a technology that is there for everybody - shared, not controlled, monetised and monopolised. No longer should energy production be the source of the political power of one person over another.

The control of energy supplies was right at the very heart of the development of twentieth century corporatism. Now it becomes apparent that we don't need (in a very technical sense of the word need) oil companies, or nuclear reactors in order to have electricity. Energy production can be personalised or localised, and also socialised, using currently available technology, if that is the way we want it. This article [LED lights], and the clockwork radios and computers, and the new, renewably powered devices pouring out every day, all prove it.

But we will have to fight hard for renewable electricity to be shared fairly and equally. Some people in our community are going to fight very hard to make sure that energy is corporatised and NOT socialised.

It's exactly the same fight as the fight against the slow, creeping corporatisation of the internet.

And water is being privatised and corporatised too. It isn't something you are entitled to. It's something you are sold by part of a corporatist monopoly.

Drugs have been corporatised too. Corporate interest is the single demonstrable reason why it is a criminal to grow a cannabis plant in your home.

It doesn't have to be done the corporate way. We are letting it happen. It's a choice we are making as a community. We allowing our very food to be corporatised.

It seems to me that we have a communal choice to make between democracy and plutocracy as our form of government, and at the moment democracy is losing the REAL referendum of our times. Renewable technology comes from the common wealth of our intellectual heritage and NOT courtesy of yet another corporate entity - and it should be shared fairly this time.
And just to accompany this comment, I've included this cartoon, which I've posted on here before but think it goes hand in hand really.

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