Friday, January 25, 2013

Re-posting: WWF Paint a Fish

Reform EU Fisheries Policy

For decades our seas and fish stocks have been run down. Two-thirds of them are overfished – politicians have allowed them to be pushed to the edge of bankruptcy. Now there is a chance to change all of that. In the next few months the European Parliament will decide whether to reform Europe’s fisheries for the better.

Key to this is the need to allow fish stocks to recover by 2015. Unfortunately there are powerful interests who want to delay this. If things don’t change, it will be disastrous for the marine environment, fish stocks and fishermen.

That is why we want people from all over Europe to have some fun and show their love for fish by painting one for their MEPs to let them know we need to allow fish stocks recover.

So bring out your inner artist and paint a fish, or get your child to! It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just colourful enough to show your support and brighten up your MEPs’ day!

To paint your fish please CLICK HERE

ALSO: Every weekday until the vote WWF will bring the best fish to life on their ‘Catch of the Day’ video. So, have a good and see if your fish makes it to the fish tank!

Also check out my fish painting below - he's sending love and hanging with his pal, the starfish. 

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