Thursday, February 14, 2013

Scottish Environment LINK have called upon MSPs to lend their political support for the protection of the country’s threatened wildlife by becoming ‘Species Champions’. 

Scottish Environment LINK  is the forum for Scotland's voluntary environment community, with over 30 member bodies and this Valentine’s Day, Scottish Environment LINK hopes to pair up MSPs with the remaining unloved species. 24 MSPs have already committed to the initiative, but this leaves plenty more species still desperately in need of such a relationship, no matter how ‘uncuddly’ they might be, all species would greatly benefit from the attention and support of an MSP to ensure that Scotland acts strategically to protect its threatened biodiversity. Each ‘species champion’ MSP will be able to learn first-hand from organisations with strong environmental expertise throughout Scotland. The Species Champion initiative will be launched formally in Spring.

Why not ask your MSP if they are a Species Champion and if not suggest a species of interest to you or local to where you live from Scottish Environment LINK's impressive list. To view the list and for more information on which MSPs have already signed-up please CLICK HERE.

To celebrate and encourage Species Champion sign-ups Scottish Environment LINK have made a selection of cheesy Valentine's to delight and amuse. Below are some of my favorites although you can see the whole selection on their Facebook page

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