Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Re-posting: Scrap Trident

Scotland and the UK have had nuclear weapons for 50 years. Now the government is planning to spend £100 billion to replace Trident while funding for health, education, pensions and disability benefits is being slashed. £5 billion has already been spent designing the new weapons.

Trade unions, faith and community groups, and people from all walks of life across Scotland are overwhelmingly opposed to these horrendous weapons of mass destruction. If we act now we can stop nuclear weapons being based on the Clyde for 50 more years and lead the way to a nuclear free world.

A broad-based coalition of groups has come together to call for scrapping Trident and funding human needs. Whether you are for independence or not this is the time to demonstrate your opposition to immoral and wasteful nuclear weapons. Join us on the streets of Glasgow and take action at Faslane to demand that Trident be scrapped.

Saturday April 13th 
National Demonstration Against Trident in Glasgow
Assemble in George Square 10.15am for 10.45am start. Rally 11.45am in George Square

Sunday April 14th
Non-Violent Direct Action Training and Workshops in Glasgow

Monday April 15th 
Blockade of Faslane Naval Base and Supporting Demonstration

Lots more info and to register for the blockade call 0131-229-0993 or CLICK HERE.

Twitter: @scraptrident

Please remember to share with your family, friends and networks. 

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