Friday, April 26, 2013

Re-posting: 38 Degrees

Planning for Sustainability Not Profit - Petition to NI Minister Alex Attwood
Dear Minister, 
Please remove Clause 2a - the objective of ‘promoting economic development’ within the Planning Bill.The term Sustainable Development that you are trying to achieve cannot be met if you place more importance on the economy than on our society and environment, you will as a result remove the integration of the 3 sectors that this Bill is meant to represent. 

We ask instead that you consider the insertion: Where the Department or the Planning Appeals Commission exercises any function under Part 2 of this Part, the Department or, as the case may be, the Commission, must exercise that function with the objective of furthering sustainable development, which secures;

Protection and enhancement of the environment
Economic prosperity
A strong, healthy, just and equal society.”
Why is this important? 
The Bill as it currently stands is not in favour of Sustainable Development. It looks to outweigh our social and environmental needs in favour of short-term economic gain. It also means that any reference to the precautionary principle is likely to be ignored.

To sign the petition please CLICK HERE.

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