Friday, April 05, 2013

Re-posting: Demand Zero


This is our moment; it’s going to be big.

Four years ago in Prague, President Obama announced his commitment to seek a world without nuclear weapons. He called for perseverance. He dared us to overcome our differences. He challenged us to ignore the voices that tell us the world cannot change.

We heard him–and have launched a massive grassroots campaign urging him to put those historic words into action.

Demand Zero Day is the springboard for all of the momentum we’ve built. Our global movement will use President Obama’s own words to call on him to take the next bold steps to a world without nuclear weapons.
Here’s how it will work:On April 5, the fourth anniversary of the Prague speech,Global Zero supporters around the world will carry out actions that center around visual displays of President Obama’s 2009 Prague speech to state clearly and with conviction: we demand zero. Global Zero staff will circulate images of the events online in real-time. The power of real-time media sharing lies in its ability to unite all of us on a single day around one
message that can echo all over the world.

Pick an excerpt of powerful quotes from Obama’s speech.
Which one resonates with you?
Choose an action.
Be creative or keep it simple:
• Display your quote on a sign and hold it in front of an interesting background.
• Write an excerpt from the speech across large signs and have friends hold the signs in a collage.
• Simply write “I demand zero” and take a picture with your sign.
Submit your image on April 5 to with your name and location of photo

For more info and to take part please CLICK HERE

Here I am with my friend Andy showing our support in front of Edinburgh castle.  


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