Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Re-posting: Friends of the Earth Scotland

Lobby the Scottish Government to ban
unconventional gas now!

Only a week left to ask the Scottish Government to ban unconventional gas through planning policy - its the easiest way for them to do it, and pretty easy for you too by taking action below.

The new Scottish Planning Policy is already much better than old one, and we want the Government to know they have support to go even further by introducing a ban, or at least by specifying 2km zones around unconventional gas sites.

Unconventional gas is unsafe and unnecessary. Evidence from other countries shows there are inherent risks to human health and the environment from shale gas fracking and coalbed methane drilling, and the last thing the climate needs is more dirty fossil fuels.

Yet vast swathes of central Scotland are earmarked for this kind of controversial gas exploration and development, and Australian firm Dart Energy are planning hundreds of coalbed methane wells at Airth, near Falkirk. Meanwhile, the UK Government has given the green light to fracking and is offering tax breaks to gas companies.

But the good news is that we have a crucial opportunity to stop unconventional gas in its tracks.

The Scottish Government is currently asking for comments on their revised Planning Policy. This sounds boring but has a huge influence over what does and doesn’t get the go ahead at a local level. This policy document is also the easiest way for the Government to introduce a ban on unconventional gas and fracking.

The new draft is already much better than the old policy, as it proposes buffer zones between communities and gas wells. When the Government in New South Wales, Australia, did the same, three companies including Dart Energy packed their bags and left!

The Government want your views on the new policy: email them now and ask them to ban unconventional gas by strengthening the Scottish Planning Policy.

The consultation ends on 27 July 2013 – share this action with your friends and family before it closes!

To take action and for more information

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