Friday, August 30, 2013

Re-posting: Save Scottish Seas

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They might be chillier than tropical waters, but our seas are on a par with the most exciting, biologically diverse ocean hotspots in the world. Scotland’s seas are home to blue whales, basking sharks and giant skate. Graceful seabirds from sheer cliff-face colonies patrol the ocean surf above – and below the blue is a living, breathing seabed. Kelp forests sway along our coasts, before shelving down into vast deep-sea sponge fields and planes of mud alive with crustaceans and soft corals. Subsea mountains clad in fragile, colourful reefs rise invisibly beneath offshore waves. Each habitat harbours incredible species from spiny lobsters to ancient molluscs that live to over 400 years.
But this is only half the story. Scotland’s Marine Atlas shows that our seas have been in decline for many years now. Some species and habitats have disappeared from local waters, many more are heading that way and our traditional industries reliant on healthier seas have suffered as a result. Because our environment is in decline, our own maritime culture is at risk.
The Scottish Government’s Planning Scotland’s Seas consultation is literally a once-in-a -generation opportunity to put this right. To help reverse centuries of decline, we need to tell the Scottish Government that:
1. We support Marine Protected Areas and that a network must include the Firth of Forth Banks Complex
2. The proposed network of MPAs is not ‘ecologically coherent’ and must be strengthened further before it can be considered so
3. The MPAs must be managed not just to protect what is there, but actively recover our seas to better health
If you agree with this, please respond to the consultation. You can add to the letter too. Every voice counts.
Please click here to find out more and respond to the consultation 

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