Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Re-posting: The High Cost of Cheap Gas

Natural Gas development has come to Southern Africa; we uncover how this industry is endangering one of the most pristine places on the planet.
Across national wildlife parks and reserves, gas development threatens much of Africa’s last remaining indigenous people and wildlife. Largely uncontrolled gas companies in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve are already drilling and fracking in much of the park, endangering precious water and environmental resources. In Botswana’s longest running court battle the San Bushmen finally won the right to access these water sources and remain in their ancestral land. If the gas industry operates like it does in the USA their victory and the survival of this ancient culture is in question.

This clip from new documentary The High Cost of Cheap Gas looks at the latest science from the gas fields of America to the heart of the Kalahari desert. The film uncovers what America's export of fracking and natural gas technology means to Africa and the rest of the world.This project exposes the reality this type of development may unleash on ecosystems and it’s effects on the people relying upon them.

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