Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Music Against Fracking

This local band from Scotland has taken the time to produce a pretty nifty LP for the sole purpose of raising funds for their local community group, Concerned Communities of Falkirk (CCoF) to fight Dart Energy's application to frack for gas in Larbert and Airth.  CCoF are the first group in the UK to challenge the big drilling company Dart legally through the courts. 

They need £50,000 by mid-March to reach their target. The money will go towards expert witnesses and a strong legal team for what could be the test case for the rest of the UK. This test case would be more relevant than ever especially with David Cameron's recent admission that the UK government is 'going all out for shale' by granting councils 100% business rates for fracking applications across the UK (read more about that in the Guardian article).

Sharing this makes me feel incredibly happy and gives me renewed enthusiasm - this is activism at its best and most creative - local band supporting local community. When governments speak of austerity, economy and 'can-nots' it is important to remember not to lose our arts nor our sense of what is right for humans, our community, the wildlife and ecosystem we co-exist in for this is what makes us who we are and not profit or continually economic growth. 

For more information on CCoF please CLICK HERE

To find out what Fracking is please CLICK HERE.

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