Tuesday, February 04, 2014

More on Fracking

Below are two videos on fracking. The first is a balanced view of the shale gas industry in Europe produced by the European Commission. Using experiences from EU Member States and commentary from experts and representatives from industry and NGOs, the video seeks to dispels myths about both the benefits and concerns surrounding shale gas exploration. The European Commission adopted a Recommendation aiming to ensure that proper environmental and climate safeguards are in place for "fracking" -- the high-volume hydraulic fracturing technique used in shale gas operations. 

Many believe more should be done and the second video is from a local community raising money for legal funds for the first Public Inquiry into Dart Energy's planning permission in Falkirk which would be the first commerical production of unconventional gas. This public inquiry could set a precedent for similar developments throughout the UK so if it isn't on your doorstep just yet it may be soon. If you feel strongly about this please donate if you can and share with your friends and networks.

For more information on fracking:
European Commission's Environmental Aspects on Unconventional Fossil Fuels - click here.
Falkirk Against Unconventional Gas Community Group - click here.
Scottish Environment LINK Briefing on Unconventional Gas - click here.


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