Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Referendum Challenge - a green question

For all those interested in the Scottish Independence Referendum. 

Scottish Environment LINK, a forum for Scotland's voluntary environment organisations, put together their ten point vision for the sort of Scotland they want to see in the future back in 2013 and put this challenge to the two campaigns, Better Together and Yes Scotland, asking them how their constitutional campaigns best met the environment community's aspirations. These ten points are known as LINK's Referendum Challenge and this along with the two campaign replies can be read on the LINK website. 

Following on from this LINK are holding a Question Time style Referendum Challenge debate tomorrow evening where speakers from the campaigns will be on hand to answer questions and LINK are inviting questions from Twitter using the hashtag #GreenerIndyRef. Questions should pertain to environmental aspects of policy and constitutional change.

Speakers include Richard Lochhead MSP, Maggie Chapman Cllr, Claire Baker MSP and Tavish Scott MSP. The debate is being chaired by Rob Edwards and will be taking place between 6-8pm tomorrow evening Wednesday 26th February.

If you want to ask your questions tweet using the hashtag #GreenerIndyRef between 6-8pm tomorrow evening!

More information on LINK please CLICK HERE
To read the Referendum Challenge please CLICK HERE
To read the campaign responses please CLICK HERE. 

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