Thursday, March 13, 2014

Re-posting: Friends of the Earth Scotland

Ask your MSPs to ban dirty gas now !

Unconventional gas is unsafe and unnecessary. Evidence from other countries shows there are inherent risks to human health and the environment from shale gas fracking and coalbed methane drilling, and the last thing the climate needs is more dirty fossil fuels

Yet vast swathes of central Scotland 
are earmarked for this kind of controversial gas exploration and development, and we are just about to fight a public inquiry to stop Australian firm Dart Energy drilling dozens of coalbed methane wells at Airth, near Falkirk - the most advanced dirty gas proposal in the UK. 

But the good news is that we have a crucial opportunity to stop unconventional gas before it really gets going. 

Although much of the responsibility for determining Scotland’s energy future – including unconventional gas licensing – is reserved to Westminster, the Scottish Government can use planning powers to prevent fracking and other risky techniques from taking place in Scotland.

Thanks to many of you taking our previous action we have already had some success - the new draft planning policy for Scotland proposes buffer zones between onshore gas developments and communities.  Because gas resources are located in the most populated part of the country,if these zones were big enough they would make sure that the industry was simply not economically viable here.  But the policy could go even further and just ban shale gas and coalbed methane outright.

These planning policies are going to be debated in the Scottish Parliament in less than two weeks

Please email your Members of the Scottish Parliament now and ask them to help get dirty gas banned.  

Please help us kill dirty gas before it gets going.

For more information and to take action please CLICK HERE

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