Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April's Fool!

Update - as some might of suspected this is an innocent enough April's Foll - although Rowan and the song are real and this wee trick has inspired her to think of doing something similar for real - also the Beacons book is real and available to buy and the fact that art and culture have a part to play in passing on the message of climate change and how we can adapt are all too important too! Happy April's Fool! 

Am happy to share the news of a very talented friend, Rowan Rheingans who has announced her solo album 'The Spectacle Bear' will be out this summer.

The album has the backing of the World Land Trust (WLT) who so conservation work, in particular in the rainforest of Equador and Columbia which is where the endangered spectacle bear lives. The album is a collection of songs and spoken word about what might become of these beautiful creatures should the rainforest disappear. David Attenborough who is patron of WLT has said " We have for so long needed a collection of songs which draw on world folk music traditions as well as the struggles of various endangered species of tropical bear. I'm incredibly excited that it's finally here."

You can hear the first track which is called 'Different Worlds' on Soundcloud or by clicking here. The song is actually about a brown bear who lives in the coniferous forests and wood-clad mountains of Scandinavia.

If you're wondering what a Spectacle Bear is - here's one! Why not find out more about them by clicking here.

Also in the same vein of art and conservation, if you haven't read it or heard about it yet, why not check out Stop Climate Chaos' publication Beacons: stories for our not so distant future, where 21 storytellers have come together to address the problem of climate change in a creative manner. Find out more by clicking here.

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