Thursday, June 05, 2014

Fracking under our homes - campaigns from Greenpeace and 38 Degrees

It’s official: David Cameron today used the Queen’s Speech to launch his plan to change the law. He wants to rob us of our right to stop fracking firms drilling under our homes. To do it, he’ll have to get the majority of MPs to vote for the plan. But lots of MPs are already unsure about fracking, especially in their own constituencies. But we need to up the pressure they are feeling. With less than a year before the General Election MPs will think twice before voting for a controversial law that would give fracking companies the green light to drill under their constituents' homes.

The fracking industry’s plans are on shaky ground. Just last week, Cuadrilla boss Francis Egan claimed that if firms like his aren't allowed to drill under our homes without permission, fracking in the UK could grind to a halt (read more here). 74% of the British public are against David Cameron’s plan to allow companies to drill without permission (read more here).

What you can do:

Sign the Greenpeace petition to MPs. If they hear from thousands of their voters that we want them to vote against David Cameron’s plan, they will start to understand what a backlash they could face.

For more information and to sign the petition, please CLICK HERE

Email your MP through the 38 Degrees campaign. If enough of us email our MPs urgently today, we can prove to them just how controversial Cameron’s plans are.  And the more pressure MPs feel right now, as they get back to parliament for the first time this session, the more likely we can stop fracking in the UK for good.

For more information and to email your MP, please CLICK HERE

In the early hours of the morning, the newest #fracking site was under construction - at Dave's house . Greenpeace UK fenced off the site, hoisted signs (apologising for the inconvenience), and delivered a cheque for the maximum compensation amount per household.... £50.

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