Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Re-posting: Greenpeace

Wee update - video banned on Youtube but up on Vimeo July 11th 2014- seems they got Vimeo too July 14th

Update July 15th 2014 - Lego allows Greenpeace parody video back on Youtube - The Guardian, July 14th 2014  
Share this video so LEGO knows that we’re all talking about
their deal with Shell. 

LEGO bosses need to know that Arctic destruction is a big deal, and their customers don’t think LEGO should be helping Shell clean up its image. By letting Shell plaster its logo on LEGO toys, LEGO is helping Shell appear like a legitimate, caring company, making it easier for Shell to get permission to drill in the Arctic. 

Over 250,000 of us have signed the petition and 13,000 emails have been fired off to LEGO HQ. LEGO bosses are feeling the heat! If we keep it up we can convince them to drop Shell, so can you spread the word by sharing this video now?

To find out more and sign the petition please CLICK HERE

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