Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Re-posting: TTIP Day of Action

We invite you to join us for ROBOT FLASHMOB at the Edinburgh Day of Action Against TTIP!

The EU and US are currently negotiating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal (TTIP), focused on profit and power for corporations. TTIP will affect public services, environment and democracy, and allow corporations to sue governments for protecting their citizens. Specifically, TTIP could lead to privatisation of the NHS, increased power for fracking companies, undo regulations that protect workers, and declining standards for food safety and consumers.

There will be a national Day of Action against TTIP on 12th July 2014. In Edinburgh, groups of concerned people from across the city will come together to raise awareness of the deal and garner public support, as increasing numbers organisations express their concern over TTIP.

We are having a dancing robot flashmob at 2pm at the Bottom of the Mound, outside the National Gallery on Princes Street. There will be a 'dance off' between corporate robots and government robots! There will be music for the robots to dance to, large banners explaining the issues with TTIP, and people collecting petitions from the public. We are making all the robot costumes so people can just turn up on the day and put them on!

We are looking for more people to get involved and help out on the 12th July 2014. We need people to come along and be dancing robots! We also have other roles if you don’t fancy doing that! To take part and help stand up to corporate takeovers in Europe, please email activistsassemble@gmail.com as we need to know how many robot costumes to make!
Please share this with your networks and help Edinburgh say no to more corporate control!



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