Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Save the Arctic LEGO!

Earlier on in this blog, I re-posted Greenpeace's action to ask LEGO to  end its partnership with Shell. You can read the original blog post here for more information and to sign the petition as well as see the previously banned video as well.

The update now is that LEGO's UK head office in Slough refused to accept the petition which over 600,000 people signed. LEGO is still helping clean up Shell’s image. Shell’s been engulfed in bad PR for the last few years and this deal with LEGO helps to repair that damage. It’s positive PR that helps Shell look like a responsible company who can be trusted to drill in extreme environments like the Arctic. Therefore Greenpeace are asking everyone to take it to the next level by getting creative and staging your own mini-protest using LEGOs

If you have you're own LEGOs, get protesting (have a look at my mini protest below with my eclectic collection of LEGOs) but if not fear not as Greenpeace has hundreds of second-hand mini-figure activists ready for action!  Many of them have already been on protests like these: www.greenpeace.org.uk/legogallery

To stage your own mini-protest, here’s what you need to do:
  • Use whatever LEGO figures you have in the most creative, funny or just plain out-there ways. If you need a LEGO figure, Text ACTIVIST to 70007 to donate £3 to Greenpeace and we’ll send you a mini activist to say thanks.
  • Take a photo of your direct action in full swing and add it to your Facebook or Twitter account with the hashtag #BlockShell. Remember to tag @Lego_Group in your tweet, and you could take your protest direct to LEGO by posting your photo on their Facebook page
  • Greenpeace will add the best ones to their Facebook gallery and make sure LEGO sees them.
Seeing thousands of mini-protests made by all of us will show LEGO that it’s their customers who want them to drop Shell, and keep oil companies off our children's toy sets and out of the Arctic. Be part of it.

Below is my mini-protest in front of Edinburgh's iconic Arthur's Seat. 

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