Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Re-posting: Belarus Free Theatre

My name is Chris Garrard and I am part of the campaigns team at Belarus Free Theatre. Described by Time Out as the ‘bravest theatre company in the world’, we are a theatre company like no other – with one foot in a dictatorship, the other in a democracy. Banned from performing in Belarus by the dictatorship, the company performs innovative new shows in the UK that highlight human rights abuses and injustices, while also performing underground in Belarus.

We will be performing as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival later this month and, during our time in Edinburgh, will be holding a public campaign stunt in support of activists who have been intimidated and arrested for challenging dangerous energy projects in Belarus and the UK. On Friday 22nd August at 2pm, we will be unfurling a 250 metre red banner across The Meadows in Edinburgh, creating a symbolic “red line” against these dangerous forms of energy, which have been imposed undemocratically. We will be standing in solidarity with activists in Belarus who have faced harassment and arrest for opposing a new nuclear plant, and those in the UK opposing fracking at protection camps and elsewhere. We created this 'red line' across London's Millennium Bridge a month ago, which you can see below.

We are currently reaching out to groups in Edinburgh and the surrounding area who may be supportive and would be willing to join us for this stunt.

We want to recruit a key team who can help unfurl the banner and distribute flyers, and we are also hoping to be joined by supportive performers from the festival. I would be very grateful if you were able to pass this invitation on to your members or anyone you feel may like to be involved, along with the following link to the Facebook event:

The stunt has been approved and granted by permission by Edinburgh City Council.

If you have any thoughts or questions, do feel free to get in touch.
Kind regards,
Chris Garrard
Belarus Free Theatre Campaigns

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