Monday, November 24, 2014

Nature of Scotland Awards - result!

Last week were the Nature of Scotland Awards 2014 and an initiative I have been working on, through my job with Scottish Environment LINK, was Highly Commended for the Innovation Award.

The Species Champion initiative asks Members of Scottish Parliament (MSPs) to lend their political support to the protection of Scotland’s threatened wildlife by becoming ‘Species Champions’. The initiative now has 71 MSPs championing 86 individual species and has been incredibly supported by MSPs. Becoming a Species Champion encourages MSPs who normally don’t have an ‘environmental voice’ in debates to participate and relate this to something they personally value in their constituency. It allows MSPs to engage with their constituents on local matters, sometimes with iconic species representing Scotland globally. It provides a focus for those initially shy of environmental issues to investigate wider issues through the trials and tribulations of their species, making the issues both locally and globally important. Check out the amazing video and find out more here. See previous blog posts about it here, here and here!

It was fantastic to be Highly Commended at the Nature of Scotland Awards 2014 and to recognize and celebrate all the work being done by LINK member organizations and now in partnership with MSPs to safeguard Scotland's biodiversity and continue to raise awareness.

Failing all that, you can have a good chortle to cheer up your Monday at how wide-eyed excited I look below, accepting the award on behalf of LINK. I was trying to play it cool in front of Chris Packham, but don't think I succeed.

Photo credit Simon Williams

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