Sunday, November 30, 2014

Trident still has to go!

From the Scrap Trident Coalition
Following the result of the Scottish independence referendum we believe that the issue of Trident nuclear weapons in Scotland is still not settled. Scrapping Trident was a central part of the Yes campaign, which attracted 45% of the vote, and a significant percentage of No voters also believe passionately that there is no place for Trident in Scotland. This means that a clear majority of the people in Scotland want to see Trident scrapped.
The next intake of MPs to Westminster will be taking the decision in 2016 of whether to go ahead with replacing the current Trident system at a cost of £100 Billion. With spending on health, education, pensions and disability benefits being slashed we believe that squandering such a sum on nuclear weapons is immoral and unreasonable and call for Trident to be scrapped and human needs funded.
We also made the news, see the articles from BBC and STV!

We had a beautiful day for it!

My banner at the front of the bus; chuffed!

My contribution to the peaceful protest at Faslane Trident fence

Other contributions, notably from Wool Against Weapons

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