Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Re-posting: We Own It

How much worse off are you because of privatisation? Together with Corporate Watch, We Own It have looked at train fares, water bills and energy bills, and calculated how much extra money you have to pay because these services are privatised. Public ownership would be cheaper because there would be no need to pass on profits to shareholders, and because government can borrow more cheaply than private companies to raise money for investment.

Privatisation is failing and outsourcing is a mess. Behind closed doors, your public services are handed over to private companies who put their profit before your needs. But if we all stand together, we can create a better future.

Let's start with a Public Service Users Bill, new legislation to give us a say over our public services, put our needs first and make outsourcing companies transparent and accountable. This Bill has a good chance of happening - if we all put the pressure on. Sign now.
 For more information about We Own It please click here.

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