Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Re-post: Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Show the love in 2015

2015 is a big year for climate action.  In December world leaders will meet in Paris to conclude negotiations for a new global deal to tackle climate change and address its impacts.

We need our political leaders to know there is strong public support for ambitious and binding commitments in Paris, we need to show them our strong and growing climate movement.

During Valentine's weekend we are planning to kick start the grassroots climate campaign with events across Scotland.  We will be asking people to share with the new First Minister what it is they love that is affected by climate change.  

You can see events already confirmed on our webpage - and there are lots more planned.

Why not plan an event in your area?

If you are able to organise or help out at an event, please get in touch with us and we can send you resources and put you in touch with people in your area.  To help you think about what might work best in your town or city, check out our tool-kit.
We also have a bunch of famous faces who will be in our breath taking new video which will help promote our campaign over that weekend - watch this space!

You can also show the love by wearing a homemade green heart on your sleeve, as a piece of jewellery or in any creative way you can think of.  See our easy to follow guide.

Please get in touch if you are planning an event so we can help promote it, or if you have any questions.

About the For the Love Of Campaign please see my previous blog post and read what my love is

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