Monday, March 09, 2015

In at No.6! Fank you very much!

Green Match, which is a free online green energy comparison service, today announced their Top 100 Green Initiatives of 2015 featuring the following categories; Bloggers, Schools, Projects, Bites (yummy food of course!) and Community Initiatives. The awards acknowledge those deserving special recognition for their efforts in being green.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that yours truly has come in at No 6 for Top 20 Green Bloggers! Am super chuffed and honoured about that. It’s always nice to know you’re appreciated and making a wee difference. In the Blogger category, there were, of course, some household names, including the Ecologist and Rob Hopkins from the Transition Network, as well as fellow Edinburger (Edinburgian, Edinburgenzian?) Crafty Green Poet. There are also plenty more to discover including Philip Booth’s The Ruscomble Blog and Yanar Alkayat’sBrighter Shade of Green.

Lovely to see some other favourites in the other categories including People Tree and Beyond Skin and great to see the Scots featured highly, especially in the food section. Shout out to Mackie’s Of Scotland ice cream and CafĂ© St Honore in Edinburgh for their commitment to the organic and slow food philosophy. These guys have been on my bucket list for a while, think this bumps them up considerably. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Enjoy discovering the other winners and
thanks for the continued support and interest! You’re the best! 

To read about the rest of the winners, just click here.

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