Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lightening up the weekend!

As you will know a few blog post ago, I got very excited about a solar powered charger and light. As my birthday is far away in July, I decided to just treat myself early and get one now and it’s arrived!

Waka-Waka, which means ‘Shine Bright’ in Swahili is not just a solar powered charger and light which can charge practically any phone and provide up to 150 hours of light but also has an important humanitarian mission. For every Waka-Waka bought, one is given to the 1.2 billion people across the world with no access to electricity. The concept is simple: One Bought, One Given.
Lack of electricity and regular blackouts is a reality for many people in the world and severely reduces their quality of life. Lacking light in the evening means children aren’t able to study as long and affects their grades. Using kerosene lamps, an alternative widely used, are inefficient, dangerous and expensive, not to mention the health and environmental drawbacks. Providing people with high-tech, low-cost solar powered lights and chargers are lifesavers, ending kerosene-dependence, contributing to better school grades and increasing income-generating capacity for families.

Waka-Waka is a social venture committed to abolish energy poverty and have 168 aid, crisis and relief projects in 35 countries across the globe helping over 600,000 people to date. They figure they’ve displaced about 148,994 tons of CO2 in the process as well.
Waka-Waka with Arthur's Seat in the background
Happy with my Waka-Waka
Everything about the Waka-Waka makes you smile and feel you’re doing your part. It arrives in efficient packaging, no more or less than needed and all recyclable. Once opened, I was impressed by the smart and slick package design (as you might be able to tell by all my hipster-ish photos). Protecting the Waka-Waka from bumps, the cardboard also acts as a book telling the Waka-Waka story and providing simple image-based instructions on the reverse. It comes fully charged as well so I was able to nicely blind myself when I turned it on and as an extra smart feature, it can bleep out the Morse code for SOS. I love the bright yellow colour and it’s a chunky tangible thing that’s nice to hold.

Unfortunately Scotland hasn’t been too sunny of late so haven’t been able to try it out yet, but I’ll be traveling to Myanmar next month and look forward to using it then and report how it goes. So watch this space for updates! In the meantime, I strongly suggest you do check them out!

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