Tuesday, April 07, 2015

I'll send a postcard

Hello all you lovely people!

This blog won't have any updates for the month of April as I am going to Myanmar (Burma) for three weeks. Its probably for the best, as I'd probably start ranting about the upcoming General Election...and no one wants to read that!

While the blog may be taking an extended nap, I'll still be active on the wonderful world wide web via the mediums of Twitter and Instagram where I hope to share what I'll be seeing, eating and experiencing. So hop on over and follow my adventures if you fancy.

My Twitter name is @MeecoYoueco (easy enough)
My Instagram name is @babybiohazard (don't ask!)

It might interest you to know that to ease my environmental impact of flying for this trip, I have planted trees with Trees for Life.  Trees for Life is Scotland's leading conservation volunteering charity. Their vision is to restore the ancient Caledonian Forest to the Scottish Highlands. Filed with majestic Scots pines, birch, magical rowan, juniper and aspen, the Caledonian Forest was once the UK's equivalent of the rainforest but has been reduced to just a tiny fraction of its former range. Most of the surviving forests now consist of old trees reaching the end of their lifespan, with no new trees replacing them because of overgrazing by deer and sheep.Working with a number of partners and private landowners, Trees for Life are securing the future of the Caledonian Forest by planting native trees, removing non-native species and fencing seedlings to protect them from overgrazing.

You can help them by buying trees for all and any occasion, celebrating a birth or remembering a life, non-materialistic Christmas presents or even buying a grove as a wedding gift. You can also help Trees for Life by volunteering and helping plant the trees.  For more information about Trees for Life visit their website here. 

You may have heard the phrase 'carbon off-setting'? In a nutshell it is pretty much what I have done, bought a tree to offset the carbon I am about to emit by taking flights to Myanmar. Many feel that carbon offsetting is a form of 'green-washing' or easing you green conscious by simply buying your green credentials without really changing your behavior. I think in some cases this is true for individuals, companies and corporations and I definitely don't believe it is the only way forward to achieving sustainable and resilient communities.

Yet if you read this blog, you will know I always advocate that people need to make realistic changes they are happy to live with and stick by. These choices are hard and none of them are 100% green-proof (unless you achieve living off-grid and completely self-sustainably, which has and continues to be done, but this might not be the right choice for some people). No one has the right to 'green police' you. Everything we do in life has an impact somewhere on something or someone, it could drive you to despair thinking about it, which it is why it is important to make choices right for you and respect yours and other people's choices. Helping to plant some trees gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, looking forward to the day I'll be able to walk in their forest, under their shade...and who can argue with that really?

See you on the flip-side my friends!

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