Thursday, May 14, 2015

Re-posting: Nature Alert

UPDATE - Nature Alert Campaign Smashes Public Consultation Response Record - EEB Press Release, May 26th 2015 
On May 12th 2015, over 100 environmental Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) across Europe have launched a joint online action to save European nature from Commission President Juncker’s deregulation agenda.

An internet action called Nature Alert will allow citizens across the 28 EU countries to participate in the European Commission public consultation and, by doing so, save the laws that protect nature in Europe.

The e-action marks the beginning of a European campaign to stop any threats to current nature protection efforts and to obtain better implementation and enforcement of Europe’s nature laws. More than 100 environmental organisations have joined forces to mobilise members, supporters and the general public to tell the Commission that they want Europe’s nature laws to be maintained, better implemented and enforced.

Europe’s nature laws (the Birds and Habitats Directives) are recognised as some of the strongest in the world to protect animals, plant and habitats from extinction. Thanks to these laws, Europe now has the world’s biggest network of protected areas, Natura 2000, covering about one fifth of Europe’s land and 4% of its marine sites. These laws have provided the highest level of protection to vulnerable habitats and species for the past 30 years.

The European Commission has decided to carry out an in-depth evaluation of both laws to determine whether they are effective in protecting our natural world. European leaders are considering rolling back decades of progress by revising the Directives in the mistaken belief that weaker protection for wildlife is good for business and a desire to cut ‘green tape’. In reality, this would be bad for business, and a disaster for wildlife.

The European Commission is giving everyone the chance to have their say, so add your voice to thousands of others and defend nature. The NGO internet actions allow citizens to take part in the public consultation until 24 July 2015 and are the only opportunity for the public to express their views during this technical evaluation. Without a massive demonstration of public support for the Directives, it will be very hard to prevent them being weakened. So far 75,057 people have taken action!

Magda Stoczkiewicz, director of Friends of the Earth Europe: "We all have a right to nature – and chipping away at vital laws that help protect it would be a disaster for European citizens and the nature we love. We are mobilising people across the EU and will make our voices loud and clear – our nature is not up for grabs and we expect our politicians to protect it for all of us and for future generations."

Angelo Caserta, director of BirdLife Europe: "We have tons of scientific evidence showing that these laws work, when implemented. And numerous examples that these laws are no obstacles to any good economic development. So, my question to President Juncker and VP Timmermans is simple: with all there is to do in Europe, why undo nature laws?"
To participate in the Nature Alert action in various languages and with provided answers to help you complete the consultation please click here

To find out more information about the consultation or to answer it directly from the European Commission's website, please click here

As indicated various NGOs across Europe are also participating in this, below are but three of many.

For RSPB Action - click here.
For WWF Action  - click here.
For BirdLife Action - click here
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