About Me

I'm dyslexic and love tomatoes. I also consume many books, in particular graphic novels. I work for an environmental charity.  I'm the bassist in a local Edinburgh band. I also do lots of T'ai Chi. If you'd like to get in touch, send me a message via Twitter, thanks!

About this Blog

I started this blog back in October 2010 with the very altruistic goal of empowering people to “do one good green deed a day”. Four years later, working within the environment sectors, has made me a little more realistic but no less optimistic. I’m no stranger to the complex interconnected web that is our world and the overwhelming defeating feeling it can arouse. There are laments of apathy and selfishness, corrupt democracy, vested interest and biased media. I don’t deny these are real and unlikely to disappear anytime soon, but there are also rumbles in Scotland and across the world of increased political engagement, activism and a strong reluctance to continue with the status quo.

Life is constant change and I don’t have the answer and I’m not here to lead any revolutions. All I can say with certainty is what I have come to believe through my lived experiences and that is the only person you can change without force is yourself. I strongly believe in being counted, in responsibility for one’s actions, in how you leave the world. I also believe in compassion and trying to understand where other people are coming from and advocating shared values and beliefs. I’ve realised every person is on their own path and will reach their own conclusion when it is right for them to do so. Sustainable realistic lasting change comes about when a person themselves realises it and not being badgered, guilt-tripped or belittled into making those decisions or choices; and it’s not easy once choices have been made, be kind to others and yourself as well!

My first blog post, in trying to explain what the blog as a whole was about, endearingly used the analogy of one ant not seeming like it could accomplish much, but thinking of a colony of ants then the picture is quite different. I think the analogy still holds albeit simple but powerful, although it is worth remembering ants work together to bring that grasshopper down. In conclusion, I hope this blog informs and inspires in whatever way you see best for what you need to do to make the world a better place.

Guest Blogs I've written

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