• Artists Project Earth
    Providing long-term support for the victims of natural disasters and those affected by climate change through our music and the arts.
  • Art Not Oil
    For creativity, climate justice and an end to fossil-fueled sponsorship of the arts.
  • The Arts Catalyst 
    Commissions art that experimentally and critically engages with science.
  • Aune Head Arts 
    A contemporary arts organisation working rurally with local, national and international artists.
  • Cape Farewell
    Brings together creatives, scientists and informers together to stimulate a cultural narrative that will engage and inspire a sustainable and vibrant future society.
  • Common Ground
    A charity that explores the relationship between nature and culture through music, sculpture, poetry, film, markets, photography, architecture, gardening, publishing and pamphleteering.
  • Cultura 21
    Cultural fieldwork for sustainability  
  • Dark Mountain Project
    Network of writers, artists and thinkers who want our cultural responses to reflect the reality of ecological collapse, material contraction and social and political unraveling.
  • Do the Green Thing
    Green inspiration by designers, artists and writers from around the world, serving as a gentle nudge towards a more thoughtful and more sustainable way of living
  • Eco Art Scotland
    Resource focused on art and ecology for artists, curators, critics, commissioners as well as scientists and policy makers.
  • Green Arts Web
    Resource for those who want to be more informed about the practices and theories of environmental art.
  • Green Museum
    Online museum and collaborative art-making toll presenting and discussing environmental art.
  • Green Patriot Posters
    Inspired by World War II posters, communication campaign centered on posters that encourage to build a sustainable economy.
  • Invisible Dust
    Works with leading artists and scientists to produce unique and exciting works of contemporary art and new scientific ideas exploring our environment and climate change. 
  • Julie's Bicycle
    Leading global charity bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and the creative industries.
  • Jungle City
    Colorful wildlife attraction of major conservation impact.
  • Keepers of the Waters 
    Providing integrated approaches to water issues through collaborative innovative design, community organising, mentoring, educating, workshops and functioning as a cross cultural resource. 
  • Landscape and Arts Network
    Bring together all individuals, professional or otherwise, who feel passionate about improving and sustaining the quality of our urban and natural environment.
  • Liberate Tate 
    Helping Tate go oil free. No Sponsorship by oil compnaies in a time of climate change - free art from oil!  
  • Platform London
    Platform combines arts, activism, education and research in projects that push for social and ecological justice, with a particular focus on the oil and gas sector. 
  • Sculpt The Future
    To promote positive environmental change towards global sustainability by supporting creative, innovative and sustainable action.
  • Shell Out Sounds 
    Group of singers, musicians and activists who see Shell's sponsorship of the Southbank Centre as entirely unacceptable.
  • Symphony of Science
    An online video series which aims to bring scientific knowledge and philosophy to the public through the medium of music.
  • Take One Action
    Scotland's global action cinema project linking audiences, movies, campaigners and communities.
  • Tipping Point
    Through creative work and through collaborations with researchers and policy-makers, artists can play a vital role in exploring and helping animate the cultural, societal and behavioural shifts needed to fight climate change.
  • Underwater Sculpture
    Jason de Caires Taylor created the world's first underwater sculpture park which is a permanent public exhibit facilitating postive interactions between people and fragile underwater habitats. 

Campaigns & Information
  • 1% For the Planet
    Connects businesses, consumers and nonprofits, empowering all of us to drive big, positive change.
    Global movement inspiring the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis. 350 = safe upper limit of CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • A Good Week
    Social innovation agency. Believe in a world where everyone is inspired to Feel Good, Do Good and Live Better.
  • A Liter of Light
    A sustainable lighting project which aims to bring the solar bottle bulb to dis-privileged communities nationwide.
  • Action 2015 
    Ending poverty, inequalities and climate change. Raising our voice, so that world leaders raise their ambition for humanity. 
  • Action for Happiness
    Movement of people committed to building a happier society by making positive changes in their personal lives, homes, workplaces and communities.
  • Airport Watch
    Umbrella movement uniting the national environmental organisations, airport community groups and individuals opposed to unsustainable aviation expansion and its damaging environmental effects, including climate change and noise.  
  • Avaaz
    Meaning 'voice' in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages, it organises citizens of all nationa to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.
  • Bag Monster
    Satirical creature used to show the public how silly single-use plastic really is.
  • Bread Matters
    Promote social, economic, cultural and health benefits of making bread with grain grown and milled locally using slow fermentation and human-scale production.
  • Campaign for Commercial-free Childhood
    The only organisation devoted solely to stopping the commerical exploitation of children
  • Climate Action Network
    Worldwide network of over 900 NGOs in more than 100 countries, working to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels.
  • Climate Action Tracker
    Independent science-based assessment, which tracks the emissions commitments and actions of countries.  
  • Climate Counts
    Collaborative effort to bring consumers and companies together to address solutions around global climate change. 
  • Climate Parliament
    International cross-party network of legislators, dedicated to preventing climate change and promoting renewable energy. 
  • The Climate Reality Project
    Founded by Al Gore, bringing the world together to cut carbon pollution and create a healthy and prosperous future powered by clean energy.
  • Climate Week
    National occasion that offers an annual renewal of our ambition and confidence to combat climate change.
  • Coal Action Scotland
    Collective exists to challenge advancement of coal as an energy source and directly challenge new coal exploitation.   
  • Common Good Food
    A new organisation that is a practical advocate of food sovereignty in Scotland. 
  • Earth Day Network
    Works with over 22,000 partners in 192 countries to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement.
  • Earth Justice
    Uses the power of law and the strength of partnership to protect people's health; to preserve magnificent places and wildlife; to advance clean energy; and combat climate change.
  • Eat Seasonably
    The UK's number one resource for information and inspiration on seasonal fruit and veg
  • EDF Seafood Selector
    Fish choices that are good for you and the oceans
  • Energy Action Coalition
    Building a generation-wide movement to address the climate crisis and create a youth clean energy movement.
  • Energy Bill Revolution
    An alliance of 200 charities, business and NGOs calling for warm homes and lower bills for all.
  • Environmental Law Foundation
    Help the voice of ordinary people and communities to be heard on matters affecting the environment in which they live.
  • Environmental Media Association
    Believes that through television, film and music, the entertainment community has the power to influence the environmental awareness of millions of people.
  • Fare Share Charity fighting hunger and food waste by saving in-date surplus food and redistributing it to charities across the UK.
  • F**k for Forest
    To protect and liberate nature and sexuality - contains natural nudity.
  • Fish Fight
    Created by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, to end discard and protect our oceans.
  • Fiery Spirits
    A network of people with an interest in making a difference in rural communities across the UK and Ireland through community-led approaches.
  • Food Cycle
    Communities united to make sure no good food is wasted
  • Food Not Bombs
    Recovers and shares free vegan/vegetarian food with the public in over 1,000 cities worldwide to protest war and destruction of the environment.
  • G-Forse 
    Largest database on environmental action in sports.
  • Global Call for Climate Action
    Diverse network of more than 450 non-for-profit organisations in more than 70 countries with a share goal - a world safe from runaway climate change.  
    • Global Canopy
      Demonstrates the scientific, political and financial case for safeguarding tropical forests as natural capital essential to lasting human wellbeing and economic prosperity.
    • Geoengineering Watch
    • Greeniversity
      Helps people get together and learn practical skills and information for sustainable communities of the future.
    • Greenfinder
      Green directory showcasing the best eco-friendly products online.
    • Green Uses for Waste
      One-stop resource for anyone looking for help with the re-use strand of their commitment to reducing, re-using and recycling.
    • Grow Your Own Scotland
      Initiative which seeks to create a single resource for all grow your own and greenspace organisations throughout Scotland.
    • Grrrowd 
      Crowdfunding movement supporting legal actions to defend social, environmental and economic rights worldwide. Justice powered by the crowd.
    • Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise
      Oppose the expansion of Heathrow airport and want to see fewer planes using the airport, particularly at night. 
    • How Can I Recycle This?
      Over 900 items and over 14,000 suggestions of ways to reuse, re-purpose pr recycle things that would otherwise go in the bin.
    • I Fix it
      Free repair guide for everything, written by everyone.
    • Instructables
      Sharing DIY goodness from across the web.
    • iSpot
      Place to share nature, learn about identifying wildlife, get help and give help. Part of the Open Science Lab at The Open University.
    • Let's Do It!
      Civic led mass movement to clean up the world from illegal dumped solid waste and to keep our planet clean.
    • Love Food Hate Waste
      Raises awareness of the environmental and economic impact of food waste and provides tips and recipes to reduce food waste and save money.
    • My Climate
      Calculate your CO2 footprint and see how you can offset it.
    • The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges
      Norwegian trust that funds communication projects which mitigate anthropogenic climate change.
    • My Green Directory
      Online directory and information source for environment focused companies, news, events, offers, competitions and more.
    • No TTIP
    • Plane Stupid
      A network of grassroots groups that take non violent direct action against aviation expansion. 
    • Population Matters
      Promote a sustainable family size and mindful consumption in order to make the world a better place. 
    • PopOffsets
      Only project in the world that allows for the offsetting of carbon emissions by helping to improve family planning provision. 
    • Postconsumers
      An educational company helping to move society beyond addictive consumerism.
    • Project Wild Things
      Film led movement reconnecting kids with nature. 
    • Safe Markets
      A US-based collaborative of groups united by a common concern about hazardous chemicals in our homes, our bodies and our environment; and a common vision of a cleaner, healthier economy. 
    • Screen-Free Week
      An annual, international celebration when families, schools and communities swap digital entertainment for the joys of life beyond the screen.
    • Simpol
      Invites citizens around the world to use their vote in a powerful new way to encourage politicians to solve global problems. 
    • Skeptical Science
      This website gets skeptical about climate change skepticism. Do their arguements have any scientific basis? What does the peer reviewed scientific literature say?
    • Skin Deep
      Database which gives you practical solutions to protect yourself and your family from everyday exposures to chemicals. 
    • Slow Food
      Global, grassroots movement that links the pleasure of food with a commitment with community and the environment.
    • Speak for the Trees
      American non-for-profit dedicated to rescuing timberlands from logging that the next generation might enjoy the beauty and strength of American wild lands.
    • The Story of Stuff Project
      Changing the way we make, use and throw away stuff so that we have a happier and healthier planet. 
    • UK Pesticides Campaign
      Campaign to raise awareness of pesticide exposures for people in agricultural areas.
    • Wholehearted
      A collaboration of facilitators and practitioners in Scotland, part of a movement who believe people's innate concern for others must be at the heart of profound change needed for a just, peaceful and sustainable world.
    • The Yes Men 
      Impersonating big-time criminals in order to publicly humiliate them and otherwise give journalists excuses to cover important issues. 

    Journals and Magazines
    • Car Busters
      Information source and call to action, sharing ideas and informs a broader audience of transport and campaign happening around the world.
    • Carbon Brief
      Reports on the latest developments and media coverage of climate science and energy policy, with a particular focus on the UK. 
    • Eco Geek
      Devotes its pages to exploring the symbiosis between nature and technology. 
    • Eco Razzi
      Good gossip who love celebrities and pop culture, as well as the planet, people and animals. 
    • Ecologist
      World leading environmental affairs magazine.
    • Ecospheric Ethics
      An anthology of ecological, philosophical, spiritual, economic and cultural articles, editorials and reviews exploring the values of the planetary Ecosphere, its ecosystems, communities and wild species.  
    • Ethical Consumer
      Online magazine making global business more sustainable through consumer pressure.
    • Ensia
      Magazine showcasing environmental solutions in action.
    • Green Parent
      UK's leading green lifestyle and natural parenting magazine.
    • Grist
      Online news organisation that uses humor to interpret green issues and inspire environmental action. 
    • Real Climate
      Commentary site on climate change by working climate scientists for the interested public and journalist.
    • Positive News
      World's first publication dedicated to reporting positive developments.