News Stories

Below are links to recent media stories which could be of interest or food for thought. This list is not comprehensive.

'Time was running out': Honduran activist's last days marked by threats - The Guardian, April 25th 2016 

Q&A: Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland - The Scotsman, April 5th 2016 

Drinks industry under fire for opposing deposit scheme - The Ferret, February 15th 2016 

Environmental courts best way to resolve disputes - Friends of the Scotsman article by Lloyd Austin - February 9th 2016 

The climate-change refugee crisis is only just the beginning - Quartz, January 31st 2016 

Ministers plot to foil anti-frackers: Leaked Cabinet plans propose letting unelected planning inspectors, rather than councils, give the go ahead for shale gas wells to boost production - The Telegraph 30th January 2016 

How Climate Change could spread diseases like Zika - TIME, January 30th 2016 

Scottish Government protecting wind farms not porpoises, says advisors - The Ferret - January 25th 2016 

Electric cars will become as ubiquitous as the internet, says transport minister - The Telegraph, 22nd January 2016 

Bloomberg unveils crack team to assess global climate risk - Climate Home, 21st Janaury 2016 

Tree frog thought extinct for 137 years rediscovered - The Independent, 21st January 2015 

2015 was easily the hottest year on record figures confirm - The Independent, 20th January 2016 

Climate change fails to top list of threats for business leaders at Davos - The Guardian, 20th January 2016 

Conservative MP resigns from parliamentary shale gas group over industry funding - The Guardian, 19th January 2016 


Climate change is a global responsibility - The Scotsman, 15th September 2015 

Environmentalists warn over dangers of carbon tax breaks - The National, 8th September 2015 

Jane Herbstritt: Connecting land grabs and land reform in Scotland and the African continent - Common Space, 1st September 2015 

Party leaders in Scotland make climate change pledge - BBC News, 31st August 2015 

The day we stopped Europe's biggest polluter in its tracks - The Guardian, 27th August 2015

Minister signal the end of Britian's 'solar revolution' - The Telegraph 27th August 2015  

Naomi Klein on climate change: 'I thought it best to write about my own raw terror' - The Guardian, 26th August 2015 

The public is scared of fracking. Trying to force it on them is a huge mistake - The Telegraph, 21st August 2015  

Scotland bans GM crops to protect 'clean, green' brand - Herald, 9th August 2015 

Pressure grows within SNP for party leaders to provide clarity over fracking ban - The Herlad, 28th July 2015

Protected birds faring better in Europe - The Guardian, 28th July 2015 

Trident whistle-blower backed by former naval commander - Rob Edwards Blog, 28th June 2015

Fracking: Energy Secretary's adviser received £5,000 election donation from company set to benefit from controversial technique - The Independent, 28th June 2015

UK GM wheat 'does not repel pests' - BBC News, 25th June 2015 

Scotland could be 'floating wind' energy leader - The Scotsman, 25th June 2015

EU climate chief criticises UK wind farm policy - BBC News, 24th June 2015 

European seas not being managed sustainably - Holyrood Magazine, 24th June 2015 

Tories are backing the wrong horses when it comes to energy - The Conversation, 23rd June 2015 

Weak sun could offset some global warming in Europe and US - study - The Guardian, 23rd June 2015 

Time is running out, but we can stop Osborne's fracking free-for-all - John Ashton, The Guardian, 23rd June 2015 

Society will collapse by 2040 due to catastrophic food shortage, says study - Independent, June 22nd 2015  

Fracking poses 'significant' risk to humans and should be temporarily banned across Europe, says new report - The Independent, 20th June 2015  

Papal Encyclical: key statements on climate, energy and the environment - The Carbon Brief, 18th June 2015

Government ordered to publish redacted fracking report in full - The Guardian, 18th June 2015  

Why we fight for the living world: it's about love, and it's time we said so  - George Monbiot, The Guardian, 16th June 2015

80 British companies call on David Cameron to take stronger climate action - the Guardian, 10th June 2015

Don't care about climate change? What about the health of children? - Fiona Stanley and Sallie Forrest, The Guardian, 10th June 2015 

The G7 is right to call for fossil fuel phase-out, but it can happen sooner - The Conversation, 10th June 2015 

We must fight to make our cities healthy places to live - Owen Jones, The Guardian, 10th June 2015 

Scotland misses greenhouse emission target - BBC News, 9th June 2015 

Taking climate change seriously in school - The Washington Post, 8th June 2015 

Campaign against GM crops is 'morally unacceptable' says former Greenpeace chief - The Telegraph, 8th June 2015 

California considering banning biodegradable microbeads from personal care products - The Guardian, 8th June 2015

We're all climate change deniers at heart - Oliver Burkeman, The Guardian, 8th June 2015 

Nature Alert Campaign Smasjes Public Consultation Response Record - EEB Press Release, May 26th 2015 

Scotland calls for consultation over windfarm subsidies - The Guardian, 4th June 2015 

Seven new species of miniature frogs discovered in cloud forest of Brazil - The Guardian, 4th June 2015 

Pester power: the new weapon in the fight against global warming - The Independent, 3rd June 2015 

SNP challenged over failing emissions record - The Scotsman, 3rd June 2015 

Private sector must pay more into $100bn global climate fund, says report - The Guardian, 3rd June 2015 

U.S Congress should have no part in international climate deal, French Ministers Says - Climate Progress, 2nd June 2015 

This is why people are so clueless about how much energy they use - The Washington Post, 2nd June 2015 

Environmentalists sue over Shell plan to drill in Arctic - Reuters, 2nd June 2015 

Patrick Harvie slams Scottish Government action on climate change - Holyrood Magazine, 2nd June 2015  

Can bladeless wind turbines mute opposition? - The Guardian, 1st June 2015 

Climate change risks biggest change to marine species in three million years - The Carbon Brief, 1st June 2015 

Freedom and liberty should not be red flags for climate science denial but they are - Graham Readfearn, The Guardian, 29th May 2015 

How fossil fuel burning nearly wiped out life on Earth - 250m years ago - The Guardian, 27th may 2015 

Environmental groups welcome Queen's Speech -  Politics Home, 27th May 2015

Europe's medicianl plants in decline, 2% threatened with extinction - IUCN report - IUCN news story, 26th May 2015 

The climate change fight cannot be won with white liberal America alone - by Raul M Grijalva on The Guardian, 26th May 2015 

World leaders missed chance to tackle climate change, says economist - The Guardina, 25th May 2015 

China warned over 'insane' plans for new nuclear power plants - The Guardian, 25th May 2015 

UK among worst in wildlife league - BBC News, 20th May 2015

Harlequin ladybirds declared UK's fastest invading species - The Guardian, 20th May 2015 

Climate change dominates marathon Shell annual general meeting - The Guardian, 19th May 2015 

Fracking may be key to energy future - Kirk report - The Scotsman, 19th May 2015 

Thinning Antarctic ice shelf could contribute to sea level rise, says study - The Guardian, 13th May 2015 

Should we drop protections for birds of prey? - The Guardian, 12th May 2015 

Why the University of Edinburgh will not divest from all fossil fuels - The Guardian, 12th May 2015 

Academics urge University of Edinburgh to end fossil fuel investment - The Guardian, 1st March 2015 

A manifesto for people and planet - Third Force News, 1st April 2015  

Deciding which endangered species to save - Good Magazine, March 31st 2015 

79% of Scots back more green energy measures - The Scotsman, 31st March 2015 

Limiting climate change could have huge economic benefits, study finds - The Guardian, 31st march 2015 

Doctors and academics call for ban on 'inherently risky' fracking - The Guardian, 30th March 2015  

One million green jobs projected by 2030 in China, EU and US experts - Reuters, 30th March 2015 

Earth hour: millions will switch off lights around the world for climate action - The Guardian, 27th March 2015 

Large fall in UK greenhouse gas emissions of over 8% last year - The Guardian, 26th March 2015 

Norway parliament approves new climate change law - RTCC News, 25th March 2015 

How much of the world's fossil fuel can we burn? - The Guardian, 25th March 2015

Fossil-fuel divestment is not the way to reduce carbon emissions - The Guardian, 25th March 2015 

Americans don't care that much about the environment, poll shows - TIME Magazine, 25th March 2015 

Water 'could warm a million homes in England' - BBC News, 25th March 2015 

Hope grows for climate-proof beans - BBC News, 25th March 2015 

Fossil fuel firms are still bankrolling climate denial lobby groups - The Guardian, 25th March 2015 

Are National Trust libraries at risk from climate change? - The Carbon Brief, 24th March 2015 

Climate denial is immoral, says head of US Episcopal church - The Guardian, 24th March 2015 

MPs pension fund should not be divested from fossil fuels, says Liz Truss - The Guardian, 24th March 2015 

HSBC: Green bonds to hit $100bn as investors back renewables - The Telegraph, 24th March 2015  

When an Antarctic iceberg the size of a country breaks away, what happens next? - The Conservation, 24th March 2015 

Explainer: are natural disasters on the rise? - The Conversation, 24th March 2015

UK's coastal railways vulnerable to climate threat, expert warns - The Guardian, 24th March 2015  

What's going on in the North Atlantic? - Real Climate, 23rd March 2015 

Electric vehicle batteries 'already cheaper than 2020 projections' - The Carbon Brief, 23rd March 2015 

Mosquitoes could bring deadly tropical diseases to the UK as climate change kicks in - The Independent, 23rd March 2015  

Pollutants created by climate change are making airborne allergens more potent - TIME Magazine, 23rd March 2015 

Global warming is now slowing down the circulation of the oceans with potentially dire consequences - The Washington Post, 23rd March 2015

New drive to tackle Scottish wildlife crime - The Scotsman,  23rd March 2015

Amazon forest becoming less of a climate change safety net - The New York Times, 23rd March 2015 

France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels - The Guardian, 20th March 2015  

Are the UK's emissions really falling or has it outsourced them to China? - The Carbon Brief, 19th March 2015 

Amazon's trees removed nearly a third less carbon in last decade - study - The Guardian, 18th March 2015 

Wind power public backing up to 71% - The Courier, 18th March 2015  

Tidal power scheme to be unveiled in 2015 budget - The Guardian, 18th March 2015 

Ineos launches consultation to gain support for fracking in Scotland - The Guardian, 17th March 2015 

California could power itself three to five times over with solar - The Washington Post, 17th March 2015 

Britain must signal the beginning of the end for coal investment - The Guardian, 17th March 2015  

Guardian petition for fossil fuel divestment receives 60,000 signatures - The Guardian, 17th March 2015 

Riding the waves: the challenge of harnessing ocean power - BBC News, 17th March 2015  

How significant is news that CO2 energy emissions stalled in 2014? - RTCC News, 16th March 2015

More coal plants are being cancelled than built - The Carbon Brief, 16th March 2015 

Oxford's postponed divestment decision faces protest - BBC News, 16th March 2015  

The argument for divesting from fossil fuels is becoming overwhelming - The Guardian, 16th March 2015 

INEOS charm offensive on fracking under fire - Rob Edwards Blog, 15th March 2015 

One in ten Green Deal companies 'struck off' for breaking the rules - The Telegraph, 14th March 2015 

Japan comes closer to beaming solar power from space - Mail Online, 13th March 2015 

Cutting carbon emissions will cause crops to die, warns UKIP - RTCC News, 13th March 2015  

Lords warning over electricity system - Holyrood, 12th March 2015 

Not all oil is created equal when it comes to pollution - Scientific American, 12th March 2015 

Shell warns oil demand could fall without climate solution - RTCC News, 12th March 2015 

'Find a new way to tell the story' - how the Guardian launched its climate change campaign - The Guardian, 12th March 2015

Global emissions trading scheme 'should be based on UN carbon budget' - The Carbon Brief, 12th March 2015 

Pumping CO2 underground can help fight climate change. Why is it stuck in second gear? - The Conversation, 12th March 2015 

Leaked email reveals Who's Who list of climate denialists - Inside Climate News, 12th March 2015  

Wind Power without U.S subsidy to become cheaper than gas - Bloomberg Business, 12th March 2015 

India court rules in favour of Greenpeace coal campaigner - The Guardian, 12th March 2015 

Shale gas should be at centre of next government's energy policy - Tim Yeo - The Guardian, 12th March 2015 

We must reclaim the climate change debate from the political extremes - by Mark Lynas for The Guardian, 12th March 2015  

The fate of trees: how climate change may alter forests worldwide - Rolling Stone, 12th March 2015 

We need to attack the morality of fossil fuel investment - The Guardian, 11th March 2015

UK's first hydrogen bus refueling station opens in Aberdeen - STV News, 11th March 2015  

China eyes fundamental shift in energy policy - BBC News, 11th March 2015 

Arctic sea ice dwindles toward record winter low - Scientific American,11th March 2015 

Campaigners hail Edinburgh's 20mph speed limit plan - The Guardian, 11th March 2015 

Should climate scientists slash air miles to set an example? - RTCC News, 11th March 2015 

Greenpeace appeals to Information Commissioner over redacted fracking report - Business Green, 11th March 2015 

Longannet: MSPs told power station 'could close in a year' - BBC News, 11th March 2015  

Environmental Activism needs 'Good Cops' and 'Bad Cops' - Ensia, 11th March 2015 

Climate change threatens human rights, Kiribati president tells UN - RTCC News, 10th March 2015 

Keep fossil fuels in the ground to stop climate change - By George Monbiot for The Guardian, 10th March 2015  

Geoengineering is not a solution to climate change - Scientific American, 10th March 2015

How ambitious is the EU's offer to the Paris climate change talks? - The Carbon Brief, 10th March 2015 

Twist on carbon footprinting 'could unblock' UN climate talks - RTCC News, 10th March 2015  

Doctors connect climate change and worsening of respiratory illness - Inside Climate News, 10th March 2015 

European offshore wind sector faces make-or-break 2020 report - Reuters, 10th March 2015 

Ineos buys fracking rights in central Scotland - The Scotsman, 10th March 2015  

Vatican official's speech hints themes of Pope Francis' upcoming encyclical on climate change - Fox News, 10th March 2015 

Study: electric cars could save UK $13bn in fuel costs by 2030 - Business Green, 10th March 2015  

Florida denies official ban on 'climate change' and 'global warming' - The Guardian, 10th March 2015  

Will natural gas dim solar's shine? Ensia, 9th March 2015 

We need regenerative farming, not geoengineering - The Guardian, 9th March 2015 

Does climate change really cause conflict? - The Guardian, 9th March 2015 

Pressure is growing. A relentless climate movement is starting to win big, unprecendented victories around the world, victories which are quickly reshaping the consensus view - By Bill McKibben for The Guardian, 9th March 2015  

10 myths about fossil fuel divestment put to the sword - The Guardian, 9th march 2015 

Global warming 'set to speed up to rates not seen for 1,000 years' - The Guardian, 9th March 2015 

Earth entering new era of rapid temperature change, study warns - The Carbon Brief, 9th March 2015 

February carbon dioxide levels average 400ppm for first time -The Conversation, 8th March 2015  

Why fresh water shortage will cause the next great global crisis - The Guardian, 8th March 2015 

Climate change must stay on political agenda, say protesters - The Independent, 8th March 2015 

Pegasus grounded: vital Trident bomb project 'on hold' after problems - Rob Edwards Blog, 8th March 2015

Call to stop Cairngorm housing plan to save woodland - Rob Edwards Blog, 8th March 2015 

The radical political implications of spending time outdoors - The Washington Post, 6th March 2015 

Working for Shell didn't stop me having morals or accepting climate change - The Guardian, 6th March 2015 

UN climate body needs 'automatic' system to split rich and poor - RTCC News, 6th March 2015 

Climate change: why the Guardian is putting threat to Earth front and center - The Guardian, 6th March 2015  

If enough of us decide that climate change is a crisis worthy of Marshall Plan levels of response, then it will become one - Naomi Klein in The Guardian, 6th March 2015 

David Cameron: 'People should have the freedom to hunt' - The Telegraph, 6th March 2015 

'Second wave' of climate pledges to UN deal expected in September - RTCC News, 6th March 2015  

Ed Davey: 'Crazy' Conservatives would 'frack every bit of croquet lawn' - The Telegraph, 6th March 2015 

Arctic sea ice is getting thinner faster than expected - The Guardian, 5th March 2015 

Green energy investor returns rise as carbon bubble looms - RTCC News, 5th March 2015 

What are world leaders saying about a Paris climate agreement? - RTCC News, 5th March 2015

Global flood toll to triple by 2030 - BBC News, 5th March 2015  

Industry lobbyists weakened Europe's air pollution rules, say Greenpeace - The Guardian, 5th March 2015  

Polar bears and climate change: What does the science say? - The Carbon Brief, 4th March 2015 

Energy networks face investigation over 'too high' costs to consumers - The Telegraph, 4th March 2015  

Why geoengineering can be only part of the climate solution - Ensia, 4th March 2015 

Everything you always wanted to know about the UN climate talks but were afriad to ask - Ensia, 4th March 2015 

Analysis: UK carbon emissions fell 9% in 2014 - The Carbon Brief, 4th March 2015 

Power plants paid to stay idle, MPs say - BBC News, 4th March 2015 

We will never again have as much energy as now - it's time to adapt - The Conversation, 4th March 2015  

Mapping the global battle to protect our planet - The Guardian, 3rd March 2015 

Leaf-eating insects may limit how much carbon forests absorb, study says - The Carbon Brief, 3rd March 2015 

Cold home making you ill? GPs to 'prescribe a boiler' in £1m scheme - The Telegraph, 3rd March 2015 

Would a Labour or Tory government be better for the environment? - The Guardian, 3rd March 2015  

Farmers to be consulted over agricultural crime - The Scotsman, 3rd March 2015 

France wants companies to make appliances that last longer - The Washington Post, 2nd March 2015 

Researchers link Syrian conflict to a drought made worse by climate change - The New York Times, 2nd March 2015 

Can fracking pollute drinking water? Don't ask the EPA - Inside Climate News, 2nd March 2015 

Europe unlikely to meet climate goal, study finds - The New York Times, 2nd March 2015 

Nuclear safety incidents at Clyde bomb base rocket - Rob Edwards Blog, 1st March 2015  

Sturgeon calls for UK cash boost for offshore wind power - BBC News, 1st March 2015 

The Guardian view on food security: if the dreamers lose, we face a nightmare - The Guardian, 1st March 2015  

Most people are neither 'alarmist' nor 'in denial' about climate change - The Guardian, 27th February 2015

What happened to the lobbyists who tried to reshape the US view of climate change?  - The Guardian, 27th February 2015

Switzerland first to summit climate plan for Paris U.N deal - Reuters, 27th February 2015  

Nuclear power: Energy for the future or relic of the past? - BBC News, 27th February 2015 

Five decisions the IPCC made today about its future - The Carbon Brief, 27th February 2015 

UK must 'assert interests in Arctic' - Holyrood Magazine, 27th February 2015 

Green groups divided on Hillary Clinton's oil interest ties - Reuters, 26th February 2015 

TTIP: Transatlantic trade deal text leaked to BBC - BBC News, 26th February 2015  

Global warming slowdown probably due to natural cycles, study finds - The Guardian, 26th February 2015 

World leaders urged to tackle food waste to save billions and cut emissions - The Guardian, 26th February 2015 

SNP land reforms 'forget about impact on food production' - The Telegraph, 26th February 2015 

SNP 'to allow councils to break up Scotland's allotments' - The Telegraph, 26th February 2015

Cameron's climate envoy blames big six energy firms for green deal's failure - The Guardian, 25th February 2015 

New study directly measures greenhouse effect at Earth's surface - The Carbon Brief, 25th February 2015 

The remote Alaskan village that needs to be relocated due to climate change - The Washington Post, 24th February 2015 

Renewable energy poised to overtake nuclear in the UK - New Scientist, 24th February 2015 

MEPs vote for early EU carbon market fix - The Carbon Brief, 24th February 2015 

US sea level north of New York City 'jumped by 128mm' - BBC News, 24th February 2015

Holyrood calls for high-speed rail in Scotland - The Scotsman, 24th February 2015  

Only agroecology can tackle the global food and health crisis - The Ecologist, 23rd February 2015 

EU wants Paris climate deal to cut carbon emission 60% by 2050 - The Guardian, 23rd February 2015 

Climate change is not just an environmental issue - By Ed Miliband in The Guardian, 21st February 2015 

Wildlife Crime in Scotland is 'under-reported' - The Scotsman, 20th February 2015 

Wildlife Crime shame tarnishes Scotland - TFN News, 20th February 2015

New hopes that tar sands could be banned from Europe - The Guardian, 19th February 2015 

Five charts showing how BP's vision differs from a climate-friendly future - The Carbon Brief, 19th February 2015

Harvard prepares to fight fossil fuel divestment case in court - The Guardian, 19th February 2015 

Keep an eye on your city's pollution in real time - New Scientist, 19th February 2015 

How Etsy alienated its crafters and lost its soul - Wired, 19th February 2015

Deniers vs alarmists? It's time to lose the climate debate labels - The Conversation, 19th February 2015  

Catholics in 45 countries are fasting for climate action - Grist, 18th February 2015 

Citigroup to set aside $100 billion to fund green initiatives - Reuters, 18th February 2015 

Canadian mounties' secret memo casts doubt on climate change threat - The Guardian, 18th February 2015 

Should journalists become climate change campaigners? - RTCC News, 18th February 2015

Watch ocean acidification in real time - Scientific American, 18th February 2015 

New satellite reveals places on Earth most at risk from ocean acidification - The Carbon Brief, 17th February 2015 

BP says CO2 emissions unsustainable, warns on global warming - The Telegraph, 17th February 2015 

EU on track for green energy goal but UK, Dutch lagging - Reuters, 17th February 2015 

Biofuel from trash could create green jobs bonanza, says report - The Guardian, 17th February 2015 

Geoengineering is no place for corporate profit making - Clive Hamilton in the Guardian, 17th February 2015

Scientists: Climate change is attracting more disease-carrying insects to the UK, but don't panic - The Carbon Brief, 16th February 2015   

How razing the rainforest has created a devastating drought in Brazil - The Telegraph, 16th February 2015 

Small earthquakes linked to fracking could lead to major ones, government scientists says - Climate Progress, 16th February 2015

Spy agencies fund climate research in hunt for weather weapon, scientist fears - The Guardian, 15th February 2015  

'Next Pinatubo' a test of geoengineering - BBC News, 15th February 2015

Party leaders make joint climate commitment - BBC News, 14th February 2015 

Germany moves to legalise fracking - The Guardian, 14th February 2015

Seven burning issues on the road to a Paris climate deal - RTCC News, 13th February 2015  

Fossil fuel divestment campaign grows as protesters target UK banks - The Guardian, 13th February 2015

The truth behind the wind power subsidies row - The Guardian, 13th February 2015 

Spread the love this weekend and help save the planet - The Herald, 13th February 2015

What has the divestment movement achieved so far? - RTCC News, 13th February 2015 

Why hacking the atmosphere won't happen any time soon - The New York Times, 12th February 2015 

Half of Scotland's electric car chargers not used - The Scotsman, 12th February 2015 

Shell boss calls fossil fuel critics 'naive' but admits Big Oil has 'credibility issue' - The Guardian, 12th February 2015   

Oil sector must take lead in climate debate: Shell CEO - Reuters, 12th February 2015 

Slim down climate science reports to boost impact, IPCC told - RTCC News, 12th February 2015 

Cheaper oil will not boost global growth, says Moody's - BBC News, 11th February 2015 

California calls on pension funds to divest from coal in climate change push - The Guardian, 11th February 2015 

A biofuel debate: will cutting trees cut carbon?  - The New York Times, 10th February 2015 

Abbott government shows signs of shifting ground on climate policy - The Guardian, 10th February 2015 

Huge Grangemouth plant unlikely to have future if ministers reject fracking - The Telegraph, 10th February 2015 

Scientists urge global 'wake-up call' to deal with climate change - The Guardian, 10th February 2015 

Climate hacking is barking mad -, 10th February 2015 

UK spent 300 times more on fossil fuels than clean energy despite green pledge - The Guardian, 10th February 2015 

Seven charts showing how the EU's energy use is being transformed - The Carbon Brief, 10th February 2015  

We can start leaving the oil in the ground right now -here's how - The Guardian, 9th February 2015 

Naomi Klein on why low oil prices could be a great thing - Grist, 9th February 2015

France says climate talks crucial for world security - Reuters, 8th February 2015

Climate change marchers told to hire private security firm - The Guardian, 7th February 2015  

Prospects for fracking in Britain are 'bleak' as the industry loses ground - The Telegraph, 6th February 2015

Emotions, not science, rule U.S climate change debate: study - Reuters, 5th February 2015 

Ancient climate records 'back predictions' - BBC News, 4th February 2015 

How smart language helped end Seattle's paralyzing bikelash - People for Bikes, 4th February 2015 

Health sector should divest from fossil fuels, medical group say - The Guardian, 4th February 2015 

UN climate change talks and the Paris deal - a guide - RTCC News, 4th February 2015  

China to create a carbon market and cap emissions - Climate Progress, 4th February 2015 

The countries most vulnerable to climate change in 3 maps - The Washington Post, 3rd February 2015 

Shale gas remains UK's most divisive energy source, polls shows - The Carbon Brief, 3rd February 2015 

We can't spend our way out of climate change - The Guardian, 3rd February 2015 

Coal carbon capture could increase future climate risks, study finds - The Carbon Brief, 3rd February 2015 

Barrier Reef coral genetically altered in hope of surviving climate change - The Guardian, 3rd February 2015  

Republicans finally admitted climate change is real: so what will they do about it? - The Guardian, 2rd February 2015

Peak (almost) everything - Ensia Magazine, 2nd February 2015 

Fracking set to be banned from 40% of England's shale areas - The Guardian, 2nd February 2015 

Dunkeld Scots pine named Scots tree of the year - The Scotsman, 2nd February 2015

The gaping loophole in fracking ban: undersea coal gas - The Herald, 1st February 2015  

Dig this: China cuts coal production - Scientific American, 1st February 2015

Will the falling oil price undermine green energy? - BBC News, 30th January 2015 

An urban climate double whammy: more heat, less wind - The Washington Post, 30th January 2015  

Scottish marine policy 'not fit for purpose', says MSPs - BBC News, 31st January 2015  

Headline numbers: is fracking viable at current prices? - BBC News, 29th January 2015 

New research reveals extreme oxygen loss in oceans during past climate change - The Guardian, 29th January 2015 

How climate change leads to volcanoes (really) - TIME, 29th January 2015

The climate debate is brutal and dysfunctional, but there's still a way out - The Washington Post, 29th January 2015 

Germany boosts onshore wind capacity by record amount in 2014 - Reuters, 29th January 2015  

Shell urges shareholders to accept climate resolution - The Guardian, 29th January 2015   

Many Americans reject evolution, deny climate change and find GM food unsafe, survey finds - The Guardian, 29th January 2015

British belief in climate change on the rise, research finds - The Guardian, 29th January 2015

Coal returns as most-used fuel for electricity generation, new government statistics show - The Carbon Brief, 29th January 2015 

Humanity is ending its Goldlilocks geological era - The Telegraph, 28th January 2015 

Prince Charles: business must stop blocking action on climate change - The Guardian, 28th January 2015 

New report urges western governments to reconsider reliance on biofuels - The New York Times, 28th January 2015 

State due on fracking - Holyrood Magazine, 28th January 2015 

Global Calculator shows how the world can 'prosper' while tackling climate change - The Carbon Brief, 28th January 2015  

John Ashton: Fracking push is an insult to democracy - RTCC, 27th January 2015

The Telegraph view on fracking: Let the drilling begin - The Telegraph, 27th January 2015

The Guardian view on fracking: take the arguments seriously - The Guardian, 26th January 2015 

Greece: Syriza juggles coal, pipelines and climate ambitions - The Guardian, 26th January 2015 

Fracking blocked in UK after last-minute U-turn - The Scotsman, 26th January 2015

Climate change could impact the poor much more than previously thought - The Guardian, 26th January 2015 

EU paper calls for binding CCS targets by 2030 - The Guardian, 26th January 2015 

George Osborne urges ministers to fast-track fracking measures in leaked letter - The Guardian, 26th January 2015

MPs: Ban fracking to meet carbon targets - BBC News, 26th January 2015

Ban fracking until major concerns are addressed - The Scotsman, 26th January 2015

MPs brand fracking 'incompatible' with UK climate targets - The Carbon Brief, 26th January 2015  

Here's an excellent analogy about climate change and developing countries - The Grist, 26th January 2015

Fracking u-turn 'recognises risks' - The Courier, 26th January 2015

Murphy: Scrapping Trident 'wrong' - BBC News, 25th January 2015

Climate change inaction pushes 'doomsday clock' closest to midnight since 1984 - The Guardian, 22nd January 2015

The U.S has caused more global warming than any other country. Here's how the Earth will get its revenge - The Washington Post, 22nd January 2015 

Is it time to take science out of the climate change debate? - The Conversation, 22nd January 2015 

Ban fracking, says former Tory environment secretary Caroline Spelman - The Guardian, 22nd January 2015

Lancashire council report recommends refusing fracking plans - The Carbon Brief, 21st January 2015

EU to launch diplomatic offensive ahead of Paris climate talks - The Guardian, 20th January 2015

Ramble your way towards better health  - The Scotsman, 19th January 2015

Food diversity under siege from global warming, U.N says - Reuters, 19th January 2015 

Former Saudi oil boss says it can cope with low prices - BBC News, 19th January 2015

Seven stairs to Paris: A Pathway to fixing climate change - RTCC News, 19th January 2015 

Should tackling climate change trump protecting nature? - The Guardian, 19th January 2015 

Scottish government decision on fracking imminent - The Guardian, 19th January 2015

Glasgow Uni discovery set to solve energy crisis - The Scotsman, 17th January 2015

A closer look at the global warming trend, record hot 2014 and what's ahead - The New York Times, 17th January 2015 

Age of $100 oil will return as energy industry cuts too deep - The Telegraph, 16th January 2015 

Rate of environmental degradation puts life on Earth at risk, says scientists - The Guardian, 15th January 2015 

UK emissions fall to 25 year low as surge in coal use ends - The Carbon Brief, 15th January 2015 

It is 'impossible' for today's big oil companies to adapt to climate change - The Guardian comment, 15th January 2015 

Companies will  be legally required to reveal chemicals used for fracking - The Guardian, 14th January 2015

Celebrities push to make 2015 year of action on poverty and climate change - The Guardian, 14th January 2015 

Rate of sea-level rise 'steeper' - BBC News, 14th January 2015

'Green' biomass boilers may waste billions in public money - The Guardian, 14th January 2015 

Low-energy urbanization 'can help climate goals' - BBC News, 13th January 2015  

How will your country cope with climate change? - Mail Online, 13th January 2015 

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